Qinghai Sanjiang Yili Agricultural Group Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the "full industrial chain" green and circular development ideas in the past ten years, which is highly in line with the "General idea of accelerating the development of the yak industry" proposed by the Qinghai Provincial Government. "Level key leading enterprises", Qinghai Sanjiang Yili Agricultural Group Co., Ltd., after several years of running-in and docking, realized "seamless docking" of farmers and enterprises, and completed the production management model of "company + cooperatives + farmers". Through de-intermediation, the company and breeder's income were maximized. The group company invested 25 million yuan in 2013 to build Qinghai Zhonghe Meat Food Co., Ltd. By the end of 2017, the company's fixed asset investment had reached 87 million yuan, and it had been modernized. There are 13 cattle and sheep slaughtering lines, with an annual slaughter capacity of 240,000 heads of cattle and 900,000 sheep; a storage capacity of 3,000 tons. The slaughtering and distribution volume accounts for about 40% of the fresh meat market in Xining.

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    The production management mode of "company + cooperative + breeder" has been completed. Through de-intermediation, the benefits of enterprises and farmers have been maximized.